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Helping athletes succeed on and off the field.

Through the experienced vision of Dr. Tony Evans and the leadership of Jonathan Evans (chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys), Athlete’s Impact aims to provide direction and guidance for coaches and athletes.

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With speeches and videos from NFL greats, to practical teaching tools like plays and exercises, the iCoach app gives you access to a network of coaches and athletic directors across the nation.


It's not about game day.
It's about every day.

Life happens both on and off the field. The lessons learned in your locker room and at your practices will last a lifetime, one way or another. Get the tools that you need to make a difference.

Tony Romo

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Tony Romo
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Don't wish for it. Work for it.

Want to get engaged and help your athletes win life? Join the Athlete’s Impact team as we speak to coaches and players like you who are ready to bring integrity and honor back to sports.

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